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Efag Ireland online shop with Electronic Cigarette, E Cigarette Starter Kits, E Liquids, Vape Kits, Shortfill Eliquids, Premium Ejuices, Vape Accesories, DIY Accesorties, Premium and Bugdet / Cheap E Liquids with next day delivery

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Efag Ireland online shop with Electronic Cigarette, E Cigarette Starter Kits, E Liquids, Vape Kits, Shortfill Eliquids, Premium Ejuices, Vape Accesories, DIY Accesorties, Premium and Bugdet / Cheap E Liquids with next day delivery

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E Cigarettes - ideal alternative for the smoker!

People who have fallen into the fatal habit of smoking, recently tried to break up with her habit.But this is not easy. Smoking, like any other addiction, habit is very strong. No wonder that in order to end it, people reach for all sorts of weapons. Their attempts are still, however, appear to be ineffective. Solutions such as nicotine patches, special chewing gum, tablets, or even hypnosis have failed. All these ways of dealing with addiction smoker require a large force of will. Still you have to come to fight the desire to reach for a cigarette. Sometimes the mere fact of holding it in your hand and the act of smoking itself is already sufficient for the smoker. People reach for a cigarette in order to calm down. And for that you need a whole ritual; drawing, lighting, inhaling. Although these patches, supplements or other means of support to cope with nicotine hunger, not to be enough compulsive smokers. Fortunately, in recent smokers can enjoy another weapon. These e cigarettes it, or electronic cigarettes. It is thanks to them that you can successfully reduce or even completely offset the amount smoked substances harmful to health.

The Advantages Of E Cigarettes

Compared e-cigarettes vs cigarette:

  • Electronic-cigarettes have many advantages. Among them are worth at least the price. If you compare the cost of the many packages that buys a heavy smoker during the month and the cost of a special E Liquid that use electronic cigarettes, the latter is much lower. And although the machine itself, which is an e-cig, at the beginning you need a little pay, the investment pays for itself after a few weeks.
  • Obviously less destructive of health. E cigarettes do not contain harmful to the lungs as tar. And that is, they cause serious diseases, such as lung cancer. Those who opt for electronic cigarettes are available for many different types of e-cigarette liquid. Some of them have nicotine in their composition, but its concentration is much smaller than conventional cigarettes. In addition, over time, you can select e Liquid with increasingly lower content of this substance. Thanks gradually manages to escape from the clutches of addiction. A burning becomes just a pleasure or an activity that allows to calm the nerves. As a result, so e-paper also ensure that people who are trying to quit smoking, do not reach as a substitute for sweets and other stimulants, which after all is often the case. This of course is also a big plus of electronic cigarette.
  • E cigarettes did not emit an unpleasant odor to the environment. Many smokers probably happened not once hear that smell bad or, more clearly, simply stink. Meanwhile, those who opted for electronic cigarettes, can use many e Liquid flavors. Their range is very wide. The smell of a real tobacco, which is a bit like the smell of branded cigars, the fruit flavors. For this reason, people vaping around e cigarettes often soaks pleasant aroma. This course meets with approval coming.
  • Another advantage of e cig, which is worth noting is that they are much safer than traditional cigarettes. Use of E-cig actually reduces to zero the risk of fire. This is because that electronic cigarettes are not fired. They work through a special electronic mechanism, which produces steam and it is a smoker inhales. So there is no risk of unnoticed spark falls on a flammable substance. Therefore, e cigarettes are also very convenient because you can smoke almost anywhere: in the car, on a trip in the forest or in the home or in another room.


How e-cigarettes are made?

When considering to purchase of a e-cigarette, you should think about how they work. From the look of these devices resemble more cigars than traditional cigarettes. There are, of course, larger and heavier. All because they fit in them has a special battery, e juice tank called Clearomizer or Atomizer and a coil head that converts E Liquid into a steam. It was the couple puffs on a person using the e-cigarette.

To enlist course, you need a drip-tip. In addition, press the fire button. This will start the mechanism by which the formation of vapor that the smoker inhales. This pair consists mostly of water, flavor imparting substances and, in the case of certain e-juices, nicotine. As you can see there is no flame or combustion reaction. And this in turn greatly reduces the amount of tar, which is the most harmful to health. Here also avoids the danger of fire.

Of course, now the e-cigarettes are different in appearance. Due to the fact that these devices are becoming more and more popular, you can now choose from various types. E cig are a smaller or larger capacity e oil tank. Of course, this capacity is affected by the size of the whole e-cigarette and its weight. Therefore, if someone wants to small e cigarette, which can be easily hidden, even in a pocket, it must be expected that it will need to frequently replenish suitable e liquid. In view of the women also created a special ladies electronic cigarettes. They are available in more colors for women, especially white, green... but there are also electronic cigarettes pink or other pastel colors. Models designed for women are often simply sleeker and easily fit in a small purse even formal occasions. It is not necessary to convince anyone that e-cigarettes look into the hands of just more elegantly than traditional cigarettes. Oh and do not affect the general appearance of the smoker. People who use electronic cigarettes do not have to worry about the fact that the skin on their hands will become unpleasant, slightly yellowish tint.

For those who care about the next

E Cigarettes are another feature that makes over traditional cigarettes are gaining a huge advantage. They are not harmful to all those who are in the vicinity of the smoker. As demonstrated long ago, secondhand smoke is almost as harmful as puffs of smoke. Smoking traditional cigarettes exposes himself not only their own health, and in the long run also life, but also the health of your loved ones. There's no denying that suffers primarily a smoker: his spouse or children who are particularly vulnerable to harmful substances. Meanwhile reaching electronic cigarettes, completely eliminates this problem. In this case, you can not talk about passive smoking. The only thing to note are those in the vicinity of someone who uses the e-cigarette is the smell, often very nice, what comes out of the machine.

Moreover, no one, including the same person smoking e-cigarettes, does not feel the other negative effects of the smoke. I think everyone who has ever lit a cigarette knows that smoke not only has an unpleasant smell, but also negatively floats on the vision. When staying too long in a smoky room, you can feel the burning eyes. In addition, you can also have difficulty distinguishing colors after the eye had direct contact with tobacco smoke. In the case of e-cigarettes is different. As you know we are not dealing with smoke, but with a couple, which is much less harmful. And it does not affect in any way the ability of view, does not irritate the eyes smoker and other people who are close. It is also worth taking into account when considering the reach for the electronic cigarettes.

It must be remembered that, according to estimates, thousands of people get ill threatening lung disease or heart, not because of the active and due to passive smoking. Data published by the WHO and national organizations dealing with health problems can be frightening. So wanting to protect both yourself and your family and friends in front of such serious health problems, while fearing that not enough willpower to stop smoking at all, you might want to invest in e-cigarettes. It may be that it is an investment in the health and life. Its up and coming. It's probably a good reason to visit a professional e-cigarettes shop and obtain the appropriate accessories and today change the traditional to electronic cigarettes.

The gradual quitting smoking

Electronic Cigarettes are the best solution for those who want to quit smoking. You can even take a chance by saying that this is the cheapest and easiest way to break the pernicious habit. Why? Because thanks to e-cigarettes can gradually reduce the dose of nicotine. According to the latest medical reports, including recovery from addiction in small steps brings the best results. Not so long ago a revolution caused some doctors say who the patients who want to break away from smoking, commanded ... smoking! It was necessary at the same time gradually reduce their number. It is known, however, that using this method is still the body introduced a large amount of harmful substances. Reaching for electronic cigarettes, does not have this problem. The brain continues to receive a signal that was delivered addictive substance, or nicotine. The lungs, however, do not get all the tar that cause them great havoc. Over time, people using e cigs can of course extend the e-oils, which have a lower nicotine content. And finally reach the stage at which nicotine is no longer needed. It simply means quitting.

Of course, it can be concluded that in the same way act of chewing gum or patches smoking cessation. Yet they also introduce into the body proper, getting a lower dose of nicotine. When making use of these measures, however, has not the whole shell, gestures associated with smoking. Although the body receives an addictive substance, does not receive other signals that over many years of cigarette smoking have become a ritual. Smokers reach after all cigarettes in times of stress, in order to take care of something hands. Slices of chewing gum do not provide this capability. Result falls into another habit, such as reaching for a cup of coffee or after sweets. Meanwhile, selecting e-cigarettes, can this whole ritual of smoking to maintain. Hold the device in hand, vaping the eJuice produced by the electronic cigarette, you feel as before during smoking. Thanks just much easier to get out of the habit. This avoids the side effects such as sudden weight gain due to eat large quantities of sweets and the like.

A process whose goal is the total elimination of nicotine in different people will take longer or shorter. Here importance is the number of cigarettes smoked so far and their composition. It is certain, however, that the current e-cigarettes are the best ally in the fight against nicotine addiction. Confirm it's certainly thousands of people, who through the use of electronic cigarettes, quit smoking successfully and properly take care of your health.


Fashionably e-cigarette:

Observing the number of people who have already decided to replace the traditional to electronic cigarettes, you get the impression that they will soon be in the majority. It is hardly surprising. In the end, you can hear everywhere about how important impact on our health is an appropriate way of life. Being healthy and fit is now simply fashionable. More and more people are turning attention to the fact that to eat healthy food. More and more people are choosing to practice any physical activity. We remember the inspection visits to doctors, we draw attention to the look and feel. In the end, the fashion for being healthy not only promoted by doctors and health-promoting organizations, but also the media and music star or screen. Thanks to increased public awareness of the detrimental effects of addictions such as smoking cigarettes. The switch to e-cigarettes naturally forms part of the general trend for being efficient and taking care of yourself.

However, not only for the health at stake. The truth is that vaping e-cigarette, is now just a trend. A person who uses the electronic cigarette company is considered to be one that goes with the times. Smoking traditional cigarettes is now out of fashion, and sometimes even considered rude. Using the electronic cigarette is received for it by most people as very positive.

It is no wonder that more and more celebrities eager to show the e-cigarette in hand. They want to emphasize that count the health of others and that they just know what is on time. Such public appearance of the electronic cigarette is now just have seen, and those who choose to e-cigarettes are perceived as such, which are guided by the corresponding values in life and they are responsible. Sometimes it may so happen that vaping e-cigarette can help you succeed in strengthening the social and its position in the work.

In addition, the fashion for e-cigarettes made available on the market, more and more gadgets associated with electronic cigarettes. Increased range of e liquids that are used by smoking electronic cigarettes. Their flavors can often surprise. Raspberry-mint, vanilla, whiskey flavor, black tea and kiwi are just some examples. Among so many proposals you will surely find something for everyone. In addition, more and more is the choice of the same e-cigarettes. Once you could buy one of the two or three models. Today there are many more. Additionally, you can choose from a variety of colors. There are also non-standard devices, for example, looks like a traditional cigar or exclusive models, decorated with crystals and original artwork. Additional gadgets that simply falls have, there are also special cases for electronic cigarettes. Here the choice is already so large that certainly will not feel disappointed. Well stocked shop with e-cigarettes and gadgets to them offering case of materials such as leather, felt, fabric and more.

E-cigarette for everyone

This shows that more and trendier vaping e-cigarette has many positive effects. In addition, an appropriate choice of the electronic cigarette can be emphasized style person uses it. Health benefits for the smoker and his loved ones the opportunity to break with the unpleasant habit, reducing the cost of smoking and become trends are sufficient reasons for this, to reach for the electronic cigarettes. So you do not have to wonder any longer and is best to immediately visit a good shop with electronic cigarettes. Take your health into your own hands and today we reach for the electronic cigarettes!

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