Disposable Vapes Ireland

Disposable Vapes Ireland 20mg of Nicotine Salt Inside

The Disposable Vapes is a pre-filled disposable Vape Pod device that is compact, fits in a pocket and is easier to carry. Depending on the manufacturer and brand, up to 1,500 puffs. Disposable Vapes is powered by a built-in lithium battery from 350 up to 1000 mAh. The vape comes with a pre-filled cartridge containing 2% (20 mg) of e-cigarette e-liquid with the strength of nicotine salt. Disposable Vapes made their world debut a long time ago, but the biggest boom took place this year. Since then, it has been dynamically developing on the global market. Disposable Vapes was created for people who have forgotten their e-cigarette or want to try something new. It is also an ideal proposition for people who want to find their favorite vaping flavor. The small, slim device is equipped with a capacious battery that lasts up to 1500 puffs. Thanks to its small design, it can be easily hidden in any pocket, designed to be immediately ready for use. Disposable Vapes Ireland does not have the option of replacing the heaters, charging the battery or refilling the liquid, when it is used up, you just throw it into the trash and enjoy a different taste.

We kindly ask you to make thoughtful choices. The product is disposable - it is not subject to exchange, returns and is not covered by the warranty. Due to the individual way of use, among others duration of puffs - the number of puffs may be greater or less.

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