Titanium Fiber Cotton Elite

Titanium Fiber Cotton Elite

Titanium Fibber Cotton Elite Features:

  • Version reworked cotton Titanium Fiber Gold

  • A cotton 100% organic

  • Fiber thick, with a strong capillary action

  • Resistant to high temperatures

  • Create a delicious sensation



Elite Titanium Fiber Cotton Ireland

Introducing Titanium Fiber Cotton Elite, a superior cotton product that undergoes 17 stages of production to ensure utmost quality. Our cotton is made purely from organic sources without any mixtures, ensuring a pure and clean cotton experience. The micro-porous texture of the base fiber provides fast and uniform absorption of liquids, making it perfect for your needs. This upgraded version of Titanium Fiber Cotton Gold boasts improved heat resistance and absorption capabilities. Each purchase of Titanium Fiber Cotton Elite comes in a resealable bag containing two rolls with a total length of approximately 1.6 meters. Try it out and experience the difference!

Titanium Fiber Cotton Features:

  • Cotton TFC through 17 times Stages to produce cotton with good quality and without the slightest mixture of pure organic cotton
  • Basic fiber gives cotton texture with micro pores that make liquid absorption fast and evenly
  • Strengthens 100% real flavor from used liquid
  • Packaging the cans design that aims to support the safety of cotton
  • Contents 2roll / approximately 1.6 meter)
  • Anti dry hit
  • Create a delicious vapor sensation
  • 100% organic cotton
  • 100% flavor taste

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