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Concentrate Flavor

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The Perfumers Apprentice (TFA / TPA) Concentrate Aromat Irelands

DIY TFA / TPA Concentrate - make your own e liquid !!

Concentrate TPA / TFA - 15ml (The Perfumers Apprentice)

The TPA flavor is used to prepare your own eliquids using Nicotine Base. Creates qualities flavor. One of the best concentrate flavors available on the market will help you create a unique and unrepeatable e Liquid.

TPA / TFA flavors (The Perfumers Apprentice) should be stored in a dry dark place away from heat sources in tightly closed containers at temp. 5 - 25 ° C.

If you looking for bigger capacity of TFA Concentrates please contact with us for discount

TFA / TPA Concentrate datasheet:

  • Concentrate TPA/TFA does not contain GMOs
  • Concentrate TPA/TFA does not contain ingredients of animal origin BSE / TSE
  • Concentrate TPA/TFA does not contain allergens
  • Concentrate TPA/TFA was not subjected to a process of irradiation of ionizing radiation

Concentrate TPA/TFA available flavours:

  • Peach (Juicy Flavor) Concentrate - This is our new peach, which has a more"ripe" character than the org.peach

  • Concentrate Whipped Cream Concentrate – A light cream, not strong but a good blender

  • Concentrate Strawberry (Ripe) Concentrate – This strawberry flavor is a bit different from our original strawberry a bit more ripe tasting

  • Absinthe Concentrate – This is a wonder blend of anise notes.

  • Dairy Milk Concentrate – This is a dairy/milk note, very gentle. It is not a flavor on its own, but rather a blender to be used in conjunction with other ingredients

  • Gummy Candy Concentrate – A gummi-bears type of flavour, very true to the real thing.

  • Irish Cream Concentrate – We`ve had good feedback on this one, finally we have a nice Irish Cream flavor! (Please note:this flavor contains "custard" ingrediens:Acetoin)

  • Tobacco Concentrate – A new tobacco flavor, is more like a cigarette

  • Mild Black Concentrate – Sweet, pipe tobacco flavor

  • Energy Drink Concentrate – This flavor is very simillar to the Red Bull Energy drink, but of course it`s not the exact formula.

  • Sour Concentrate – This is a sour note that can be used with other flavors for a "sour-candy" effect

  • Toasted Almond Concentrate – Very "toasted" type of almond flavor

  • Vanilla Bean Gelato Concentrate – Ritch vanilla flavor.

  • Bavarian Cream Concentrate – A warm, creamy vanilla flavor. Try blending with coffe, fruit or nut flavor

  • Peppermint Concentrate – A peppermint candy type of flavour

  • Koolada Concentrate – Is used to give you that "cooled" feeling at the back of the mouth

  • Blueberry (Extra) Concentrate – Sweet and fruity

  • Caramel Candy Concentrate – This flavor is more like Wethers hard candy than our other caramel. It`s sweet with a creamy-rum flavor

  • Vanillin 10 (PG) Concentrate – Vanillin crystals 10% in PG. Intensely sweet and very tenacious creamy vanilla odor. 40 ppm in flavor

  • Raspberry Ketone (PG) Concentrate - at 40 ppm. Fruity, jammy, berry, raspberry and blueberry with seedy, cotton candy nuances Mosciano

  • Black Currant Concentrate – This flavor has a Grape-like character, but with a dry, dark and mature edge

  • Toasted Marshmallow Concentrate – This is a NEW Marshmallow flavor, with a slightly more toasted flavor

  • Apple (Tart Granny Smith) Concentrate – A tart apple flavor, reminiscent of Grammy Smith apples, with a bit of cinnamon and spice.

  • Honeysuckle Concentrate – This one is just like the nectar from honeysuckle flowers. Very ethereal, not to strong but a tender and exquisite one.

  • Cubano Type Concentrate – Strong Tobacco Cigar flavor, with heavy characteristick of spicy, woody leather. Slightly sweet and dry.

  • White Chocolate Concentrate – A creamy, true tasting white chocolate.

  • Bubblegum (Juicy Style) Concentrate – It`s a tasty Juicyfruit type of flavor.

  • Dulce de Leche Concentrate – "Milk Sweet"

  • Passion Fruit Concentrate – We finally have a really tasty Passion Fruit flavor!.

  • Watermelon Candy Concentrate – An all-natural flavor. Crisp, clean watermelon.

  • Graham Cracker Clear Concentrate – This Graham Cracker flavour provides a very lovelly "base" to work with

  • Double Chocolate(Clear) Concentrate – This is a ritch concentrated chocolate cake flavor.

  • Black Honey Tobacco Concentrate – This flavor captures the sweet, complex flavor of the finest pipe tobacco blends.

  • Butterscoutch Concentrate – A very nice rich and creamy butterscotch flavor.

  • Vanilla Custard Concentrate – A rich, buttery custard flavor. Stronger than our Bavarian Cream flavor.

  • Rainbow Drops Concentrate – A fruit candy flavor similar to a Skittles type of candy.

  • Cola Flavor Concentrate – Very true cola syrup taste, reminiscent of RC cola.

  • Apple Concentrate – Fresh and crisp apple – more sweet than tart.

  • Sweetener (Sugar Free) Concentrate

  • Dragonfruit Concentrate – It`s a mellow fruity flavor with tropical accents.

  • French Vanilla Deluxe Concentrate – Stronger, richer French Vanilla.

  • Tutti-Frutti Concentrate – Light, refreshing fruity blend – not to strong.

  • Banana Nut Bread Concentrate – A delicious banana nut flavor.

  • Cheesecake - Smells like a fresh cheesecake.
  • Cola Cherry - Cola Cherry flavoring molded after DR Pepper.
  • RY4 Asian - This flavor is a stronger and more caramel type flavor than our original RY4.
  • RY4 Double - This is a very popular tobacco blend with caramel tones.
  • Western - A really wonderful all-around tobacco blend.

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vape concentrate

sadly efag do not keep them in stock do to the market changes, always happy with quality and speed on delivery.
hopefully time will change and I can purchase again of you guys!!

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